SOLIDBRIC is a swimming pool construction technique consisting of expanded very dense polystyrene formwork blocks.

It is an original concept that combines the lightness and workability of polystyrene with the strength of concrete which is reinforced with vertical and horizontal steel bars. These polystyrene formwork blocks make it possible to quickly build the pool structure.


  • Simplicity; Solidbric blocks are easy to assemble and allow you to build the walls of your pool without any special knowledge. Easy to handle and to cut, the blocks have unrivalled flexibility of use.
  • Fast & economical; After the laying of the frames (one to two days of assembly, reinforcement), the concrete is poured directly with a pump or manually.
  • Strength, resistance & stability
  • Excellent double insulation, saving energy
  • The blocks lock on the top, bottom and both ends for easy build.
  • Lightweight for easy use.
  • Smooth finish ready for underlay and a liner.
  • Can be cut, sealed and repaired easily.
  • Blocks are marked every 25cm vertically and horizontally for easy cutting.
  • Roman ends and steps can be added.
  • Installation manual.

The material is resistant to cold and water. Metric dimensions for easy installation. The strength of reinforced concrete is ideally suited to swimming pool walls and their application conditions. This type of construction stands out for its lightness, affordability and ease of installation. The useful dimensions of the blocks are 1250 x 250 x 300 mm.

Accessories Available:

Step tread rail – 5cm x 3m

Wide liner lock top rail – 10cm x 2m

Wide aluminium liner lock top rail – 9cm x 2m

Shaped liner lock top rail (to fit over front section of blocks) – 5cm x 3m

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