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An image showing a outdoor swimming pool How Often Should My Pool be Serviced? August 4, 2021
A swimming pool is a unique way to keep fit while also spending time with your family and friends, a regularly serviced pool is a fantastic excuse to get outside without having to force your way through the crowds at waterparks or deal with the memberships of a public pool, a pool that doesn’t encounter […]
An image showing a large swimming pool Things You Shouldn’t Do To Your Pool August 4, 2021
Swimming Pools have long been a staple of a house party and whether you’re getting together some of your friends for drinks around the pool or organising a fun time for your children and their friends, it’s very easy to get a little too excited. There are plenty of ways of jazzing up your pool […]
An image of a large outdoor swimming pool When Should You Close Your Swimming Pool in Winter? August 4, 2021
During the warm summer months, a swimming pool is a massive attraction, inviting your friends over for drinks by the pool or getting a pool party together for your kids and their friends is a great way to take advantage of the warm weather. Sadly, when the temperature starts to drop and winter comes in, […]
An image showing an indoor swimming pool Do Pools Need Chlorine? August 4, 2021
If you have a swimming pool somewhere around your home you will probably have noticed the copious amounts of chlorine that your pool requires. Chlorine and other sanitation chemicals have a bad reputation with consumers on the basis of their health risks and their apparent harmful impact on the environment. This bad reputation is unearned […]