6mm Thermalux Heat Retention Cover – White/Blue

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The 6mm Thermalux Heat Retention Cover – White / Blue is manufactured in the UK. Made from hard wearing, high density closed-cell polyethylene (PE) foam (350g/m2) with a tough woven top polythene surface and a clear laminated underside, these covers are extremely efficient insulators. Suitable for any indoor pool or spa (up to 30°C), a 6mm heat retention cover will ensure significant savings on your energy bills. The density of the material also helps to keep light penetration to a minimum to reduce algae growth – reducing pool cleaning time and chemical costs. Covers are rollable.

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The new white/blue 6mm foam has a solid white surface and is joined with a matching solid white joint tape. The crisp white finish is ideal for blending with spas, white tiles and lighter coloured pool surrounds. The overall performance of the cover is just the same as the traditional blue foam.

Covers can be shaped to fit your pool, or you can order a rectangle and trim the corners with a sharp pair of scissors. If you would like a shaped cover, please call or email us for a price.

Unless requested otherwise, foam covers are manufactured 30mm narrower than the actual pool width to prevent the cover rubbing. Covers are heat-welded on all seams. Hemming is not necessary but can be added if you prefer –  (please note, hemming is not possible on complex shapes and tight corners).

Give your cover an edge with the Aquablade Leading Edge Towing System. For the effortless application of any cover, the Aquablade is unparalleled. Made from tough foam-filled netting, it will not fill with water and will keep the cover buoyant at all times.

The “DIY” leading edge can be fitted at home. It simply involves piercing holes in your cover, fixing the foam section and webbing onto the cover with press-fix connectors and then fixing the rope. We also offer a Factory Fitted Towing Kit which is attached in the factory.

We can supply any size cover – Please call us on 0208 941 6618 or email us for more information.

Please note: Covers are currently taking approximately 5 working days for delivery. Please call us for a more accurate lead time. 

*Please note, panel widths are approximately 1850mm wide, therefore, panels are joined by heat welding to obtain the finished size. Extra delivery charges may apply for large covers.

  • White / Blue
  • 6mm thickness
  • 350g/mweight
  • 1850mm panel width
  • Made from high density closed cell PE foam
  • Woven polythene top surface & laminated underside
  • For pools up to 30°C
  • Covers manufactured approx. 30mm narrower than pool
  • Excellent insulator
  • Extremely hard wearing
  • Optional hemming available
  • 4 year pro-rata warranty
  • Available in any size – call or email us for a competitive quote

Due to the nature of these materials and the manufacturing process, some creasing on the top coat can be present and the cover may not lay perfectly flat. Covers should not extend up the pool wall.

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