Badu Jet Primavera

£656.00£8,668.00 (inc. VAT)

The Badu Jet Primavera is a powerful counter current swim jet unit that provides a little luxury to your pool with underwater massage features, simulated waves, and endless, no-lap swimming. This counter current swim jet is perfect for fitness training or relaxation and it is also perfect for any size swimming pool.

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The Badu Primavera has two swivelling nozzles that utilise a continuous variable flow rate which can be adjusted as required. It has a modern design that features a powerful water pump that is connected via a suction and pressure line with the jet housing. This is then flush mounted to the pool wall. The pump primes the water and returns it to the pool via the two nozzles, creating a powerful jet stream. The large openings around the nozzle housing guarantees an extremely low priming flow. With a flow rate of 75m3/hr for the 3kw units and 85m3/hr for the 4kw units, this counter current unit is a powerful high performer.

This swimming jet unit features stainless steel handrails (which feature an ergonomic grip whilst having a massage), and built-in LED lights (in white or multicolour) to transform your pool at night. The Deluxe version is the same as the regular version, with the addition of jets and controls being made from stainless-steel.

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  • Powerful counter current swim unit
  • Single-phase – 75m3/hr / three-phase – 75m3/hr
  • Badu Jet Primavera & Badu Jet Primavera Deluxe models available
  • Suitable for any size pool
  • For new pools – unit is built into the pool structure & sits flush against pool wall
  • Modern, attractive design
  • Stainless steel handrail
  • Powerful 3kW pump
  • Two adjustable jets
  • Built-in LED lights in white or multicolour
  • Can be remote controlled
  • Salt water resistant (to 0.5% – 5gr/litre)
  • Deluxe version features jets and controls made from stainless steel
  • Please note: No pipework is supplied