Badu Jet Turbo

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The Badu Jet Turbo and Turbo Pro combine innovative technology with elegant design with Badu quality.
The Badu Jet Turbo is a more compact design than the Turbo Pro, both provide an endless swimming experience without turns.
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  • Generate an even, soft flow enabling a natural swimming experience.
  • Hermetic separation of electronic components and pool water makes the Turbo particularly safe.
  • Easy and fast installation with no separate pipework required and easy maintenance as the motor can be removed when the pool is full.
  • Magnetic coupling.
  • Low wear with no drive shaft or shaft seal.
  • Efficient and quiet.
  • Controlled swimming experience perfect for workouts, relaxation, rehabilitation or simply fun.
  • Both available in 2 faceplate designs.

Installation Kit includes:

  • Plastic main housing
  • Suction Cover
  • Stainless steel cover
  • Magnetic unit
  • Nozzle unit
  • Piezo buttons
  • Seals

Completion Kit includes:

  • Motor Unit
  • Frequency converter
  • Control box
  • Remote control
  • Shielded cable

Please call us on 0208 941 6618 or email us for more information or technical advice.

Badu Turbo Flow Rate – Max 250m3/hr
Badu Turbo Pro Flow Rate – Max 350m3/hr

In contrast to previous BADU counter swim units, the BADUJET Turbo Pro has a propeller instead of a nozzle. The new technology creates an even, soft current. This also avoids monotonous strain on individual parts of the body. The optimum current pattern is characterised by low wave and splash water formation and is pleasantly noticeable during operation due to the reduced water noise!

With up to 350 m²/h, the Badujet Turbo Pro has a considerably higher output performance than conventional units and at the same time is significantly quieter. The unit performance can be continuously adjusted with integrated sensor keys or via remote control. Thus, you can adapt the system perfectly to your individual needs: Performance-oriented training, professional workout, relaxation, rehabilitation training, fun.

Turbo Brochure:
Turbo Pro Brochure:
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