Hayward Tiger Shark QC

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The Hayward Tiger Shark Robotic Pool Cleaner QC efficiently scrubs and vacuums your entire pool floor, walls, steps, and waterline, filtering the pool water as it goes. Requiring little energy to run, these efficient units are suitable for all domestic pools up to 6m x 12m (20ft x 40ft). The ‘Quick Clean’ model provides a fast 90-minute cycle. Choose PVC brushes or foam brushes with better adhesion to best suit your pool coating.

These clever units run completely independently of your pool’s filtration system reducing the frequency of filter backwash cycles, saving time and money. Powered by a separate electricity source, each unit has an onboard pump for intense vacuum power as well as superior dirt and debris pick up. They are built with the highest quality components and feature an innovative technology for optimum pool cleaning ability. They are simple to clean and maintain – the reinforced cartridge filters are easily accessed from the top of the unit and can be rinsed clean with a garden hose, plus, filter cartridges are interchangeable between models for simplicity. The roller brushes are easily replaced when required.

Optional extras: we recommend you purchase a caddy for storage and protection of the brushes – please see the options below.

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  • Completely automatic robotic pool cleaners
  • Cleans pool floor, walls, steps & waterline
  • Suitable for all domestic pools up to 6m x 12m ( 20ft x 40ft)
  • Choose PVC brushes or foam brushes (PVC has a longer lifespan, tile and polyester may require foam  brushes that have better adhesion)
  • Runs independently of pool filtration system
  • Plugs into electricity source – no installation or attachments, just drop in and turn on
  • Scrubs, vacuums & filters water for a superbly clean, removing dirt, algae & bacteria
  • Shut off function automatically powers down after finishing the cleaning cycle
  • Avoids drain covers and other obstacles
  • Slope climbing ability
  • Patented top filter cartridge access
  • 2 x fine porosity filter elements sit inside the reinforced filter cartridge
  • 16.5 m cord length (approx. 55ft)
  • Handle on top for lifting unit in and out of the pool
  • Motor unit 24V / 3.5A
  • Power supply input voltage 220V DC
  • Power supply output voltage 24V DC
  • Access filtration panels on top of the unit – no need to remove them for cleaning, just remove debris and rinse with a garden hose, no bags to throw away
  • Filtration cartridges interchangeable between models
  • Rollers easily replaced
  • Option to purchase caddy (recommended)
  • The Tiger Shark QC comes with a 2 year warranty