Panda Pool Hoist

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The Panda Pool Portable Pool Hoist is a revolutionary system for maneuvering persons to and from a swimming pool, dressing room, or any other place in a safe, easy, and dignified way. Once the person has been seated in the system, it will effortlessly lower them into the pool at the press of a button. Although designed primarily for disabled persons, it can be used to assist anyone who struggles to get in and out of a swimming pool using steps, particularly the elderly and those recovering from illness or injury. It is suitable for persons weighing up to 145kg (319.7lbs / 22 stones 11lbs).

The Panda Pool hoist has been skilfully designed and engineered, using the latest technology (patent pending). To use the system, the person sits on the seat at the front and is pushed to the edge of the pool. The system features a control bar with automatic traction which effortlessly lowers the swimmer into the pool at the touch of a button. The system is powered by a 24V rechargeable battery. It can be positioned anywhere around the pool and put away when not in use. The system is equipped with eight safety features.


  • Owner’s manual & maintenance manual
  • 2 point safety belt
  • Battery
  • Battery charger
  • Head rest
  • Removeable leg support

Optional Extras:

  • 4 or 5 point safety belt
  • Cover
  • Ground fixing kit
  • Handset to control up and down movement
Lifting capacity 145kg (319.7lbs / 22 stones 11lbs)
Max arm travel 1.50m
Turning radius 200o
Depth of seat in water 90cm
Time of lifting up with weight 18 seconds
Time of lifting down with weight 25 seconds
Total weight of unit 260kg (573.2lbs)
Power 24V DC (rechargeable battery)
Battery life 100 cycles (approx.)


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