Thermalec Pool Heaters

Thermalec Pool Heaters are high quality and durable electric pool heaters.

Cast in BS-EN-1561-1997-ENGJL-200 iron with heavy fusion bonded epoxy coating, Thermalec pool heaters are resistant to chemically-treated pool water and can be used safely with salt water pools. These durable heaters are suitable for use in demanding applications (such as hydro-therapy), and can provide years of reliable service

A patented weir & baffle system inside the heater causes the water to flow through it in a ‘spiral’ –  a clever design feature which allows for a uniform water temperature inside the heater and prevents direct impingement of cold water onto the elements, as well as discouraging scale formation and thus extending element life. Low wattage density (9.54 – 10.54W/cm2) also helps to ensure minimal scale build-up and provide long element life.

As a safety precaution Thermalec pool heaters are provided with an interlock relay, which must be connected to the filter pump control circuit. The heater will not operate unless the interlock is wired and the filter pump is energised. 24THR and 36THR models also feature a mains circuit breaker.

We offer three different models to suit requirements:

Model Power / kW Heating Element Watts Density / W/cm2 Packed Dimensions / mm Packed Weight / kg
12THR/3 3 9.54 425x450x190 .26
12THR/6 6 9.54 425x450x190 26
12THR/7.5 7.5 9.54 425x450x190 26
12THR/9 9 9.54 425x450x190 26
12THR/12 12 9.54 425x450x190 26
24THR/15 15 10.54 730x520x300 42
24THR/18 18 10.54 730x520x300 42
24THR/21 21 10.54 730x520x300 42
24THR/24 24 10.54 730x520x300 42
36THR/30 30 10.54 660x450x330 52
36THR/36 36 10.54 660x450x330 52

Electrical Data:

12THR Models 24THR Models 36THR Models
Protection Level IP21 IP21 IP21.
Fuses 1 x 2 Amp (+1 spare) 2 x 2 Amp 2 x 2 Amp
Pump Interlock Voltage 230V AC 230V AC 230V AC
Element Heat Flux 11.5 W/cmmax 11.5 W/cmmax 11.5 W/cmmax

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