Vulcan V-100 Pool Heater 3 Phase

The Vulcan V-100 Pool Heater is a high quality heater, manfactured in the UK by Elecro. Available for 3-phase electricity, it features a digital thermostat with touch panel screen, an epoxy powder-coated aluminium cabinet, titanium heating elements, and stainless steel flow tubes. It is fully controlled with dual Schneider contractors per element bank and delayed energisation for super safe operation and ease of installation. Heaters are easy to install and are suitable for above ground pools and small to medium in-ground pools.

As with all Vulcan heaters, the V-100 features the unique coiled heating element system used in all Vulcan units which prevents the build up of mineral deposits on the heating element, and ensures maximum efficiency and life-span. Heaters are supported by two stainless steel brackets, and can be floor-standing or horizontal shelf-mounted.

The Vulcan V-100 heater is inexpensive compared to other heating options available, and is particularly cost effective and convenient if you use ‘off peak’ electricity to cut your running costs.

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